Scatter Pixels for Nuke / by Mauricio Ricaldi

Scatter pixels is a tool similar to scatter on Silhouette, is an easy and convenient gizmo that will move pixels around using an expression. (updated to 1.2)

One of the tools that I use a lot is scatter on Silhouette, but because there isn’t any tool similar in nuke, I made one for my daily work, is an easy gizmo that move random pixels around creating and breaking the soft look of a patch, gridwarp or splinewarp of a paint, or generate some mask that has noise inside, and also can be used to enhance motionblur. Is one of my small and useful gizmos that helps a lot on my daily production.

  • Pixel size will generate a noise more big, as 1 will only be 1 pixel, to 10px.
  • Level of scatter will add till 5 different patterns of pixels scattering randomly.
  • Pixel separation will move much more than 1 pixel, so you can accentuate the fuzziness.
  • Seed is the seed of the random noise, just change to make different.

Here some examples of diverse settings:

Also adding motion blur will change the look of how the motion is render.

I hope you find it useful.

Update: version 1.2 also affects the alpha channel.