Rotobot 2.4 / by Mauricio Ricaldi

I been improving the rotobot gizmo for the last movie in my work, mainly because it gives me more options and quality control. So here is version 2.4 (update) that has some new tricks and tools.
Rotobot is a gizmo for nuke that have all-in-one tools to make the roto accurate and easy to work.

(update) there is a new version 2.4 that have some fixes, specially for nuke 7.

There are new features in this version, like a RGBA output and the Check Tools section has some additions.

The basic setup for rotobot is attach the plate input to your footage and all the other 5 inputs to roto nodes, but could be anything that has an alpha channel. Besides the RBGA output, rotobot will create 5 different channels (roto01, roto02, etc) with each roto node that is attached to each input, so you can organize your masks for later post-production, this work on PUBLISH and PUB-RGBA.

Let’s see all the options in the roto tools as they output the mask in different ways.

Checkbox: will cut the roto and add a checkbox background.


Color: will fill the background with the color picked.

B&W: Black and white, will remove all color the background and leave it only on the mask, using the border highlights on the checktools will make easy to get any hole or see how the alpha is affecting the mask.

Overlay inverted: will tint the background with a color that is defined on the overlay color option, will work with red,blue,green. Also you can adjust the tint level with the overlay opacity.

Overlay: will tint the mask in color, also if you choose colors in the overlay color option will tint each roto node with a different color. Overlay opacity changes de tint level.


Grey: changes the background to a neutral grey, this mode is usefull to check errors and combine with border highlight option.

Inverted: will invert the footage image in the background, sometime is usefull to check borders and errors.

Publish: will output the RGBA as mask of the alpha channel, also will output the roto01-roto05 channels that correspond of each roto node attached to rotobot.

Publish RGBA: also outputs all the RGBA but mixes the plate RGB with the Alpha channel of the mask, also will output the roto01-roto05 channels that correspond of each roto node attached to rotobot.

Check Tools

It contains a few useful tools to check the roto and make small adjustments.

Border highlight will create an overlay mask of the alpha channel over the RGB, so you can seehow much will extend the feather of motion blur, also is good for spotting holes in the roto mask. Here we can see the alpha overlay in yellow.


Move Shape:

Move shape, will offset the mask to an x,y direction, this is useful to make very precise roto where the lines of the roto node are over the image.

Roto shape moved to right, but alpha stays on the original place.


Note: always turn it off when you are going to publish your roto.


Dilate border will just extend the mask outside for + values or contract for – values.

New version 2.4 for Nuke 7-8

The old version 2.3 for Nuke 6.X